Monday, March 31, 2014

The Korean on Monsters of Talk with Margaret Cho

The Korean appeared on Monsters of Talk, a podcast hosted by the one and only Margaret Cho. Have a listen here:

The conversation went all over the place, but thanks to Margaret and co-host Jim Short, it is entertaining throughout. We covered Korean food choking hazard, fan death, K-pop and diapers during the 2002 World Cup, among other things.

The Korean was particularly happy that he was able to ask Margaret a question about her that he has had for a long time. Despite being a trailblazer for Asian Americans in the media, both Korean Americans and Koreans in Korea treated Cho like dirt. How did she feel about that? Did she feel that those communities' approval was important? You can catch that part around the 48 minute mark of the podcast.

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  1. Very entertaining, thanks!
    And now I need to put my hands on some raw cow liver...

    1. For me, 홍어 is a bridge too far, as far as Korean food goes.

  2. Just a very brief comment about AFN television in Korea - somethng The Korean mentioned in the podcast. I can't speak for other locations, but in 2001 in Seoul, someone (the ROK government?) really cracked down on the cable providers and it was removed from cable packages. At around the same time, for all intents and purposes, it was not available over-the-air with an antenna also. Technically, it was still available if you had an antenna, but the signal was really weak and only people on base could get it (and then, just barely).

    Of course, by 2001, Korean cable (and satellite) had reached a point where it really didn't miss the disappearance of AFN tv, so it mostly disappeared with very little if any fanfare. But as The Korean eluded, years ago, it was one of the few tv stations available in Korea. And during mid-day - it was the ONLY station broadcasting.

  3. Wonderful interview. I'm a great fan of Margaret Cho, so it was a double delight. I hope she has more luck learning Korean than I'm having, though. It was a pleasure to hear you speaking . Adds a voice (audio) to the voice (literary).

  4. I'm looking forward to listening to this. Margaret was my friend back in L.A., and I'm a fan of the Korean.

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  6. So what kind of problem did the Korean and Korean American audience have with her? Was it the drug and sex jokes?


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