Monday, October 03, 2011

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Language Twitters and Blogs

Dear Korean,

Now that you have asked your readers about Korean-language radio stations, would you mind asking them about good Korean-language blogs and twitter accounts to follow? I'm not yet at the stage where I can listen to a radio show but I can manage a 140-character tweet, given enough time and a good dictionary.

Desperately Learning Korean

This question was received before the Korean began his own, all-Korean language twitter. Follow him at @askakorean. (Check out the recent tweets for a heated debate between the Korean and a law student from Korea regarding Korea's laws regarding sexual assaults.)

The Korean also follows a number of Korean-language blogs. Here are some Korean-language blogs from the Korean's feed list:
  • 북한 RT [] - an absolute must-read blog on North Korea run by a North Korean defector who is now a journalist in South Korea. Frequently translated on AAK!
  • 악식가의 미식일기 [] - hands down, the best blog that discusses Korean food and Korean food culture.
  • Interpreting Compiler [] - blog by a leading Korean tech journalist who is an unabashed fan of Apple products.
  • 뉴욕의 쿠킹하는 사회주의자 [] - personal blog by a Korean American who runs a restaurant in Brooklyn. Has good recipes with photos.
Readers, got anything?

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  1. Hi!

    I'm learning Korean, too, and still a beginner so I don't know whether it suits you or not but please check Talk To Me in Korean.

    They provide free podcasts (audio and video), iyagi series for intermediate learner (full conversation in Korean). The video podcasts are so creative, sometime they make short drama, etc. It's fun learning from them. :)

    I'm also following blogs of other Korean learners. Reading their posts keep me motivated. I think you can start with Shanna's blog. From there, you could follow other's in her blogroll and find their Naver blogs or twitters. :D

    Happy learning!

  2. What about my Twitter, a_ahmad? Sure, it might not be as eloquent as TK's, but I write a hell of a lot more.

    I've been on Twitter since 2008, before it caught on here, and I've learned a lot of Korean on Twitter.

    Some people I'd recommend:

    @chondoc (writer and columnist very popular with 20-somethings)
    @jansori_bot (a Twitter-bot that posts things you'd hear from an overbearing mother)
    @knowledge_bot (posts one fact every hour)
    @yohjini (actress and political activist Kim Yoh-jin)
    @TellYouMore (Korean grad student living in the US, writes about Korean and international politics)
    @gihong (another Korean living in the US, this time a professor)
    @kowiana (a Kiwi who writes in Korean now and then)

    I guess I don't have a lot of great recommendations. Most of the people I follow are just people I've gotten to know by talking to them, a lot are acquaintances in some way or another. I don't really follow a lot of famous people.

    A good way to get started would actually be to search Twitter for people in your email address book.

  3. Ah, I just saw that TK was writing about something other than 나는가수다 rankings. That'll give me something to read this afternoon, thanks.

  4. I read the Korean's twitter specifically *for* 나가수 rankings (they're so interesting because they're the complete opposite of my opinion :D), but the recent debate about the Korean sex crime law is really interesting too.

    I only use twitter to follow the artists I like, after finding out that an Korean indie band I liked had an album released for over 6 months before I found out about it. But I really like 이외수(oisoo)'s account too.

  5. Well, personally I use talk to me in Korean to learn as well as koreanclass101. As far as real Korean content to practice from, Naver Webtoons are great and the one called "Penguin loves Mev" is great because it is all about an international couple and I think a lot of foreigners can relate to it, plus the language is quite simple to understand. And I'll put a plug in for my own Korean language blog that I participate in, . It's more basic material, but we hope to get more advanced things soon.

  6. me2day is a Korean social network that's kind of like Twitter :D If you want to make Korean friends and read their Korean "tweets", it might be a nice place to be.

  7. Can anyone share recommendations for Korean bloggers writing about movies?


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