Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ask a Korean! Wiki: What is the Maximum Age for SNSD?

Dear Korean,

What is the maximum age for a Caucasian male to be able to admit to a love of “Girls’ Generation” (소녀시대) without being rightfully considered a ridiculous pervert?


Dear Viktor,

In Korea, Girls' Generation is actually very much loved by middle-aged men as well, who usually claim that they are fond of Girls' Generation like they are fond of their cute nieces. (This does not necessarily mean that Koreans do not think this phenomenon is slightly creepy, however.)

But then again, you are going to be judged by American standards, not Korean. So readers, have your say at it. What is the maximum age for enjoying Girls' Generation? The Korean's opinion: 40 if unmarried. If married, no dice.

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  1. Lies! You're never too old to like SNSD :D

  2. It doesn't matter what generation you're from, we're all part of the Girls Generation ! LOL

  3. My wife says "you can see but don't touch." So you are never to old. :)

  4. If you like catchy music then no harm. If you acknowledge that the group is actually 3 singers 5 backdancers and 1 family member of the CEO of SM, then you see them clearly.

    If you oogle at them regardless of your opinion of their music, then 25 or younger.

  5. why would anyone above 20/25 listen to their music? why?!

  6. I have to agree with Eugene here. If you're a male over 21, no matter what your interests are in the group, people will probably think you're just oogling them anyway, though...

  7. I say anyone in their 20s is totally fine. SNSD are all around 20-22 years old now. I would even say guys in their 30s are fine too. I see it as a little bit creepy when the guy is clearly old enough to be her father, but hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.

    I personally feel like a perv just looking at SHINee's Taemin, even though I'm only 3 years older than him. But I think that's mostly because he's underage. Anyway, they're all a couple of years over being legal age, so I don't see anything wrong with it unless you have daughters who are older than them or something. That's just nasty...

    (Eat Your Kimchi, I love you guys. <3)

  8. I'm a guy and I totally prefer oggling SHINee. Key mmm.

    But I'd say however old really. It's not like you're touching them.

  9. If they were just regular girls and not celebrities, how old would be too old? That is your answer.

  10. they have catchy music so it's a given that anyone who likes upbeat songs dig them.but they're eye candy at the same time, & i guess they planned this "image". so it's no biggie if guys or girls regardless of age ogle, drool & shriek over them.

  11. Korea is the land of "don't ask, don't tell." If you do not want to be seen as a 변태 아저씨, then do not reveal that you are (or might be) a 변태 아저씨.

  12. ya I remember the Spice Girls....oh that is right, when Koreans get a bunch of bubbly teens together the whole Asian population freaks out and goes gaga over em...yet when its a bunch of brits we all laugh. Either way its music that I have no emotions toward so it would only be sexual. In America we can be perverts and not worry about it because its Korea they rather use the old "don't ask, don't tell." Either way like what you like and be merry.

  13. LOL! Aren't they supposed to be ogled?
    @joan said it - it is marketing!

    Sex sells right?

    Aren't men supposed to look - when does a man have to turn off his attraction to the opposite sex?

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