Monday, January 24, 2011

Now Tiger Mom has its own Internet meme. Check it out. And here is another one. A selection of the Korean's favorites:

"Practice more. Suck less."
"Western moms say 'Let it be.' I say 'Make it A.'"
"Doogie was a doctor at 16. What have you done with your life?"
"Wait, did you just clench your fist? You're lucky I'm not Korean."


  1. I remember one meme that had the face of some old Asian guy with the title: "Hepatitis B? Why not hepatitis A+?" I almost spewed my drink through my nose when I read that.

    Want to know why those pesky Asian students tend to do rather well in school? It's because of the Asian grading scale:

    A - Only acceptable grade
    B - Why didn't you get an A?
    C - You failed.

    C or below, you might as well kiss whatever semblance of a social life goodbye . . . assuming you haven't already been disowned or committed seppuku.

  2. Bah, a poor knockoff. High Expectations Asian Father (link), as KG Jung mentions, is far better.

  3. Haha, it's pretty telling that out of all of those you chose to quote the ones you did.

    "This is a Free country

    So what'll be: Piano or violin?"

  4. Is Amy Chau paying you or something TK? :)


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