Thursday, July 29, 2010

Justice prevails, and Arizona is appealing immediately.


  1. You mean the "justice" that allows one segment of American society to flaunt the fact that they are in the U.S. illegally while American "citizens" are expected to abide by the U.S.'s rules and regulations. What would happen if I didn't drive with a government i.d., proof of insurance, and if I didn't pay my taxes?

    And where is the "outrage" that should be directed at the countries (esp. Mexico) that aren't providing for their people in the first place, instead of it being directed at their fellow Americans in Arizona who must deal with all the extra ramifications this problem creates out on the front lines?

    When I asked my Mexican-born uncle why would he always go nuts buying, and then shooting off, fireworks on the Fourth of July but never even mention Cinco de Mayo, he told me that the PRI government of Mexico just seemed to hinder our family at every turn, yet once they were accepted into the U.S., they were able to prosper without all the bribery necessary just to survive back across the border. Afterwards, he sent me to the library to really learn about the 5th of May. While Mexico won that one battle at Puebla, they lost the war and for several years, Mexico was actually part of France until the U.S. decided to help get rid of Maximilian, Carlotta, and Napoleon III. It’s pretty sad that half of my heritage has nothing better to hang its hat on other than a battle won while the war was lost. However, I can get behind "diez y seis de septiembre."

  2. No, the Korean means "justice" that allows your Mexican-born uncle to drive through Arizona without a passport.

    As to the outrage, the Korean thinks you and the supporters of the AZ bill are supplying plenty of it.

  3. And John, the Korean thinks you know that no hostility is implied in his comment. Your contributions are welcome here at AAK.

  4. That "justice" means that he wouldn't have to drive through Arizona with no driver's license or insurance; however, he is no longer alive. He passed away way too young over twenty years ago (helped along by injuries he received in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars). He was a proud U.S. vet, and eventual citizen, who would be ashamed that noncitizens who are in the U.S. illegally get preferential treatment over U.S. citizens. Good luck getting that same treatment in China, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, etc., if you don't have any identification (especially a valid passport and visa) on your body when asked.

    The outrage I'm thinking of should be directed at this and this. Common occurrences along just a small part of the border that endanger not only my life (and my loved ones), but the lives of countless other innocent victims as human smugglers and drug traffickers do whatever it takes to evade capture. It's great to hear news of this nature, but those of us down along the border know that they will just bypass the easy way (the bridges) and either cross the river or desert eventually. The violence seeping up through the border is the stuff that makes up the most hellacious of nightmares and is being kept out of the media because of just how awful it really is.

    This is what the McAllen Texas police chief and Hidalgo County Sheriff recently had to say about murders in the area recently, "While most murders come from domestic disputes — among relatives, friends, neighbors or acquaintances — law enforcement officials say they remain concerned about Mexican drug violence possibly spreading farther into South Texas.

    In McAllen, the city’s three latest murder cases have involved illegal immigrants from Mexico. Of those cases, Rodriguez labeled as the “most alarming” an attack last month at a prominent shopping center at the intersection of North 10th Street and Nolana, in which a man’s relatives came from Reynosa and gunned him down in the parking lot. The suspected assailants tried to flee back to Mexico, but were caught before they reached the border.

    “These guys came here to finish out their business from Mexico and thought they could simply come here and run back,” Rodriguez said. “That is an idea that we cannot allow to grow.”

    “We hype border security up, (but) we just are not having the success that we claim to have when it relates to (preventing) people coming into the country illegally.”

    Despite the domestic disputes dominating murder statistics locally, TreviƱo says he remains cautious, believing a “high probability” of a major incident of spillover violence remains.

    “We have been able to prevent it from coming over because of the strong state, local and federal relationships working together,” the sheriff said. “That does not mean it could not happen.”

  5. If you don't live along the border in Arizona and Texas, you don't get to see all the local news that deal with these problems on a daily basis.

    What's even more shocking is that in Mexico, you will actually see the most grotesque images of death and human misery caused by both human and drug traffickers displayed in the local newspapers and across TV screens. However, in the U.S., we are sheilded from the truth because it might upset some of the more impressionable viewers and lead to a demand for action on our elected officials.

    If you want to "see" the truth. Type "Mexico violence" into Google and hit the images or video button.

    Here is one link, but what you see will turn your stomach, and it isn't happening thousands of miles away in Africa or the Middle East, but just a few miles south of the border and, in some cases, even in the U.S. Images of a brutal attack on Mexican Federal Police in which most of the officers were killed. This is not for the faint-hearted, but it is the reality that those in Mexico live with on a daily basis and is slowly creeping deeper and deeper in the U.S.

  6. As a border state resident, I can confidently say that all the fussing about over the "increasing border violence" caused by illegal immigrants are complete bs. I find it hilarious that the Arizonans are more and more anti-1070 as you go closer to the border. When you actually get to the border town, people laugh in your face if you ask them if they feel threatened by illegal immigrants.

    It is a textbook example of a media hype. Every crime statistics that didn't come from an organization involved with John Tanton debunks the notion that increased illegal immigration = increase in violent crimes.

    Frankly, as an Arizonan, I feel much more threatened by the state being overrun with methheads, Neo-Nazi militias, and violent criminals with warrants out that Arpaio is not arresting because he's too busy playing Cowboy with nannies and construction workers.


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