Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Only because commenter Goku asked, here is a little video of a nighttime activity that the Korean and the Korean Wife did on their honeymoon. The Korean will warn now that it gets a little freaky:


  1. God, only in Hawaii huh? Anywhere else and swimming with those manta rays would be a suicide mission! D:
    The NukeFuse hopes that the TK has a great time during his honeymoon!

  2. Did you ever end up finding a place to watch the World Cup?

  3. Welcome back! What island were you on? Not sure if you've been watching the World Cup, but look forward to a post on topic regardless.

  4. I am reasonably sure that it is on Hawaiʻi (You know the Big Island!) as that is what the Korean says in the comments section of his YouTube video.

  5. OMG
    Manta rays are one of (if not) my most favourite animals!!!!
    I was in such awe watching your clip that I didn't breathe XDDDDD

    I saw a picture of someone riding a giant manta ray in Mexico.
    So jealous Mr. Koreean.
    So jealous.


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