Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Bikes?

The Korean just came back from his honeymoon with the Korean Wife, so let's ease back into things with a softball Wiki post:

Dear Korean,

Where can I get a decent bike around here? I'm a fairly serious rider and all I can find around here are overpriced Taiwanese made bicycles or super cheap hunks of steel being passed off as "MTB"s. I left my decent bikes in the States thinking I'd have choices over here but so far I've been unable to find anything comparable.


J, the last bicycle that the Korean had in Korea probably does not suit your taste, since it still had training wheels. Readers, any ideas?

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  1. honeymoon??? Are we just not going there...?

  2. What city are you in? There are specialty bike shops in almost every Korean city. They will cost you a lot more (import duties) but there are plenty around. More details, please.

  3. Kimberly, feel free to list every place you know. That will be helpful for future visitors.

  4. I know of one place that has Chevrolet, Pepsi, and Benneton bikes in it. It also has some good bikes as well. It's in the Migliore building in Shinchon (The same building that houses the Gyeongui Line Sinchon Subway Station)

  5. I just bought a bike for my bf online through g-market...very reasonably priced!
    They have all sorts of bikes on there :)

  6. Ahh, finally a question I can help with. I'd start by joining Seoul Cycling and Cycling in Korea on Facebook. Once you've done that, contact Bob Jo, who you'll find in both groups. Bob speaks perfect English and happens to own a small bike shop just east of Seoul. If you're a member of our cycling club he'll even give you a small discount. Like most bike shops in Korea, Bob doesn't carry a huge stock of bicycles in his shop but has access to just about anything available in the Korean market and has BTI and QBP accounts so he can also get you things that aren't available here.

    If you're looking for something real fancy then I'd go straight to the Storck store in Hannam. You can walk there from Itaewon, just look 'em up on the internet.

  7. Ship one in, seriously, if my acquaintance Terry can ship a fully loaded expedition MOTORBIKE into Seoul with enough survival gear for 3 months on the open road in Siberia you can afford to ship in a bicycle.

    It cost him £312 to ship a motorbike in via sea. It is advantageous because the cargo ships returning from the US and Europe are mostly empty.

  8. Dude, you had training wheels when you were 16?

  9. I'd rather not leave the whole list because I don't have it prepped and, if the Questioner could give more details I could help with a search. I know of about 4 or 5 in Daejeon, some in Jeonju and that many again in Seoul, so if they have a more specific query I could probably help out.


  10. Living in Changwon, a smaller city, I find this guy's question hard to believe. I've found several bike shops with a good range of prices/styles, from cheap hunks of steal that are nearly disposable to the high end luxury brand "MTB's" and other racing bikes.

    I don't have to walk more than 300 meters before finding three bike shops, one of which will outfit me with obscenely expensive frames and components that would make Lance blink.


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