Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Koreans Also Have Exceptionally Strong Neck

Dear Korean,

It is a running joke among many of my friends that Koreans have abnormally large heads, which is the best way for us white folk to distinguish them from other Asians. One drunken night we decided to do an experiement and measured everyone in the room's heads--and found that the two Koreans did in fact have larger heads that the rest of us (an extra inch in diameter, as I recall). I also read once that North Koreans who've escaped to the South are often ridiculed for their oversized noggins, which look more disproportionate because they've suffered from malnutrition. But this doesn't explain why Korean's have such big heads in the first place. Why do Korean's have such large heads?

Pinheaded Whitey

Congratulations, Pinheaded Whitey. You're the first one who ever sent a Korean-related question that completely stumped the Korean. The Korean has no freakin' idea how to answer your question. According to the Korean's own experience, it seemed like southern Chinese people (the Cantonese-speaking folks) had the largest head among all Asians. The largest head size the Korean has ever seen belongs to a white man, a proud 8.25 inches of hat size.

The Korean could counter your question by talking about large head and big brain and such, but that's just weak. Besides, if that were true, whales would be running the world anyway.

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  1. I have to agree to that. My wife is Korean. I have problem sometime when she sits in the passenger side of our car and I need to make a left turn from an intersection. :P

  2. Mort de rire!!
    I really enjoying this blog!!

  3. --Besides, if that were true, whales would be running the world anyway

    The funny thing is that although scientists claim to know a lot about their diminishing numbers, the fact is that no one knows about their breeding or feeding habits (particularly those of Blue Whales), so that means that we really don't know jack about whales or their numbers or their lifestyles. The world is vastly dominated with water so you never know, whales may indeed run the world. We just would never know because we only have our own perspective from which to look, and we live on land, unlike the majority of life on the planet.

    Sorry for the randomness

  4. wellllll i think koreans r smart

  5. intelligence is measured by brain to body ratio.. the whale comment is irrelevant

  6. Koreans do not have big heads...
    Why do you think they have big heads?? I mean they are like all other people.. therefore, they do not have big heads, only some people do. We cannot say that every Korean have big heads just because of some Koreans.


  8. @ David..

    From my experience, having Asian spouse doesn't bail you out of being a racist.

    I am not sure if you truly have Asian wife, but it does sound pretty irrelevant to the size of her head.

  9. I am korean, and matter of fact, I have the smallest head when I compare the size to my friends (whoever they are from) by putting a hat on.

    My problem is I can't find a proper hat, so I usually look for one at kid section.

  10. It's true. We have the biggest heads. I am a Korean girl. Although I noticed many Mexicans with big heads too. I don't see what's wrong with pointing out something so obvious. I've seen many white people that are pinheads. So what??

  11. No offense but you people are idiots. You're confusing head shape with head size. Asians tend to have rounder heads; that is, the distance from side to side and front to back is about the same. Whites tend to have long heads; that is, the distance from side to side is considerably smaller than from front to back. Looking at someone face on, it looks like their head is smaller. But measured from front to back, they have giant heads, shaped like a hammer (tiny face but long and "humped" on top). Because the U.S. is still mostly whites, they set the standard for what is typical, but the truth is there are far more people in the world with the round head shape than the hammer head shape.

  12. I agree with Gassy. The typical Asian head is shaped differently than non-Asians. However, I have seen non-Asians with a typical Asian head. My Korean friend always thought I had a small head until I tried on her cap. Guess who had the big head? Me. She had the smallest head and I had the smallest face.
    --Living in Korea, married to a Korean

  13. I don't know if they have necessarily big heads but as others have said, they have big faces. They dot have distinct cheekbones, and have flatter faces also, so the appearance is of a flat surface that is wide and round. I've heard Japanese people term Koreans as dishpan faces in a derogatory manner. Compared to other Asians even, Koreans have flatter larger faces , as opposed to south east Asians, who have a more dimensioned face . The heads themselves aren't bigger or smaller to me, just flatter faces.. Regardless, Koreans are beautiful just as is every race.

  14. If you fan of Korea's entertainment stuff, it's obvious they're addicted with "small face" or CD size face, people who considered as good looking usually have small face, maybe due to fact they're like cute looking guys or girls. Maxillofacial or jaw shaving procedure is kinda booming in SK although you can make it more V line through photoshop.

    In Japan, they do the poll to choose celebrities with small face, and the winner is Namie Amuro (have 1/4 Italian blood on her).

    It's rare (not that I saying noone) for east Asian to have small face, and sorry I think southern Chinese "generally" have smaller face than northern face by looking Hakka immigrant in Sooutheast asiaa countries(although maybe they're some mix with local people).

    Now I notice celeb who generally liked by many people usually have small face or at least good proportion of their face feature. Less square jaw or protruding cheek bone that look masculine like majority of hi-fashion models.

    I'm asian, btw...

  15. These Korean heads are about the size of basketballs. Unbelievable!

  16. Wow, I forgot I commented on this until searching for something else. Weird. Anyway, I see you still haven't figured out the difference between head size and head shape. And the truth of the matter is a broader, high-cheek-boned face, like many Korean people have, has been considered beautiful all throughout history among most, if not all, the races. If you look at everything from ancient Egyptian art to DaVinci's David to the westernized images of Jesus, they all have the broader face. The long, skinny face that so many non-Asians have has only been beautiful for maybe the last 100 years, and mostly because of TV and actors in the last 30 years or so of the 20th century. Prior to that, Gregory Peck -- who almost looks Asian -- Cary Grant, and others were considered handsome men, and Ingrid Bergman and Marilyn Monroe beautiful women. Today, Johnny Depp -- who also almost looks like he's Asian -- is considered very handsome. So, while people talk about Asians having giant heads or whatever, and Koreans having the biggest, that should be a compliment. Most of the world has felt that is beautiful. It's only a narrow slice of the western world that felt differentty, mostly people of Northern and Western European descent, with the Viking look or whatever, and that's quickly fading away as the world globalizes and becomes diverse. The wolf face is just not attractive.


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