Friday, October 28, 2016

Holy Crap, It's Been Four Months?!!

Hi guys. I'm still here. If you follow my Facebook and Twitter, you would know that I have been paying attention to all the same things that I usually pay attention to. It's simply that my life has been going through at great deal of change recently, and it has been difficult to write an involved post.

I was hoping that pretty soon, I would have the chance to tell you guys what I have been doing for the past several months. That post is still coming. But holy crap, the events in Korea. The events! TK just has to write about that, right? How could I call myself "the Korean" otherwise?

So the post about the recent events is coming soon. I just didn't want to abruptly show up after four months as if nothing interesting happened in the interim. I look forward to seeing everyone again; I never forgot you guys.

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  1. Actually, following your Facebook posts, it's obvious that what you have really been doing is reading the NY Times cover to cover every day. :) Well, that's OK - we all have different ways of getting out of real work.
    You may not realize that after 10 articles a month for the reader, NYT has everything behind a pay wall. Your readers might like to know that they can get around this by simply typing the title of the article in your browser and following the link the browser puts up. The Times doesn't filter out requests that come directly from a browser.
    Looking forward to your comments on President Park's latest. What will happen when they go through her emails? Oh, wait - that's some place else...

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