Saturday, February 09, 2013

Looking for a few good e-Book publishers/app developers

The Korean has been working on a little project, and he could use some help at this point. If you are an experienced e-Book publisher, or an app developer with experience in interactive texts and multimedia, please inquire within by shooting in email to the Korean. Hopefully you will find this project interesting. (If you must know, yes, it will be for money.)

Please, no paper book publishers, no self-publication "helpers," etc. Many thanks in advance.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at


  1. Will it be a book that Ask a Korean readers will enjoy? or is it something else?

  2. Sounds cool, good luck with this. I hope you keep us posted if all goes well.

  3. Are you looking for help on promotional aspects of publishing an ebook or just on getting one put together? There's actually a pretty cool Korean startup that I've been following for a couple of years that has relatively straightforward interactive ebook creation software. If I'm not mistaken, you can export an app for either iOS or Android. The company's name is Moglue.
    - Here's a review of their software:
    - Here's their website:

  4. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it might be worth a look:

  5. Thanks guys, will check them out.

  6. You should look into Net Minds ( Just read about them in Publishers Weekly. They're a collaborative ebook publisher.

  7. Check out and they offer ebook development for Amazon, Kobo, and other stores


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