Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What Kind of Technology is Available in the Military?

Dear Korean,

I have a Korean boyfriend and he is in the military service now. But we haven't contacted each other since last year. It's been more than a year since he went into service, and I wonder why he doesn't send me emails or never even called me even once. So, the question is, IS TECHNOLOGY ALLOWED INSIDE THE MILITARY? I just wonder why its been a year but I never heard anything from him.

Military Girlfriend

Answer: it depends on the base. A lot of bases now have regular Internet access, although a lot of them (particularly those on the front line) do not. Completely free Internet access is generally not available, given the understandable security concerns.

After the four-week basic training is over, the soldiers are generally free to use the phone after the day's schedule is over. And of course, if it has been a year, the boyfriend in question would have already had one or two regular furloughs. So, given that Military Girlfriend has not heard from her guy for over a year, the Korean would say it is safe to assume that she no longer has a boyfriend.

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  1. I thought this post was going to be about what kind of high tech weaponry the South Korean military has -_-

  2. Feel sorry for the girl.
    and I was waiting for "what kind of high tech weaponry the South Korean military has" post too lol

  3. Yes, I was expecting weaponry as well. I also agree, Year of non-contact means the relationship is over.

  4. Well for those interested in high tech weapons, Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has developed a supersonic jet trainer/fighter in T-50/FA-50. They also have one of the most advanced battle tanks in the world in K1 and K2 Black Panther.

  5. Yeah, sorry to be an insensitive jerk, but looks like the boy is getting hands-on training in Advanced Ex-girlfriend Detection Systems

  6. Ouch...

    Well. If it's any comfort to our poor authoress, I'm sure there's someone out there who'll appreciate her devotion. But...ouch.

  7. That's an awful way to dump a girl. Maybe he just assumed she'd move on on her own?

  8. Awesome. It's like the internet read my mind. I'm writing a story involving a (fictional) S. Korean man serving in the army and sending letters to his girlfriend overseas (who eventually leaves because she's fed up of waiting for him), and I kind of wondered a little about military service in South Korea. Great that I thought about visiting your blog at this hour, and the funniest thing about it is that front page had to do exactly with the subject. ^^

    @ Military gf: The guy was a wimp...That's around the same thing my (Korean)ex-boyfriend did to me. He's sadly not the only one who has ever done that to a girl. Tough luck mayne!!! You should just move on; it might hurt, but it's a lot better than waiting around for an explanation. Just sad that people still do that to others.

  9. I am probably more qualified than anyone to answer this question since I am one of those ultra rare Koreans who voluntarily served 22 months in the ROK army even though I have a US green card and speak fluent English. Deal with it girl. It's definitely over! The Korean's knowledge of the basic training system in the ROK army is outdated. When I enlisted as a 29 year old in sept. 2009 I went through 4 weeks of basic training at Nonsan under horrible conditions. Things have changed since than and now all soldiers must go through 8 weeks of basic training. You can forget about using the internet or making phone calls during basic training. The drill instructors will allow you to use the phone only if you get achievement points during basic training by doing it exceptionally well. You can use the phone and the internet once you go to the military base that you get assigned to when your basic training is over but even than you can't use those services freely without restrictions.

  10. To reply to Shyn5877, having US green card does not exempt you from ROK military service. Having US citizenship does not exempt you from ROK military service. So, saying you voluntarily served 22 months even though you have US green card doesn't really do anything except to show that you wanted to show your own importance. I have few friends who are naturalzied US citizens that was forced to serve in ROK military. Anyway, ROK has some great military weaponary that were purchased from all over the world, and one of which is AGEIS cruiser that China is dying to get their hands on.


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