Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Do You Know This Book?

Dear Korean,

I'm trying to locate a 72 page book/manuscript entitled "5-18, the Kwangju Incident" by Arnold A. Peterson, circa 1990. Do you know where I can find a copy, or can you suggest others that I could ask?

Bill D.

That's a toughie. Fortunately, enough well-learned Korea heads visit this blog, so someone might know. Enlightened readers, got anything?

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  1. Here it is on Worldcat: ... Looks like it might require use of the ol' interlibrary loan system, unless Bill is located somewhere near Washington, DC.

    1. I am Arnold Peterson's wife. We have copies of the book at home. Email my Facebook email and we can see what we can do. Barbara Peterson

    2. I'm his son. I recently posted the book on Amazon for sale if anyone is looking for it.

  2. It also looks like there is a Korean version of it that was published in '95 that would be worth looking at.

    As you can see, on Worldcat, the Korean version contains the original English as well as the Korean translation: Link

    The Korean version seems to be available at more libraries across the country if you follow that link. It has the ISBN: 9788974748067

    Maybe that will help since the Korean version seems to be more widely available at libraries, and since it contains the English anyway, it's probably just as good as anything.

  3. is the Library of Congress listing for it: Here's the page for how to get things from the LOC: . You may have some luck with your local public library requesting a loan, or, if you have any connections with a local college, you can usually get these things through their inter-library loan program. If you don't have a college affiliation, go to your closest state college and ask the librarian for help: some state colleges are very responsive to the fact that they are public institutions, others, no so much.


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