Friday, May 13, 2011

Fine, Fine -- You Want to Know What the Korean Thinks About This Video

The video was shared twice on the Korean's Facebook wall, then emailed a few times more. Fine, fine -- here is what the Korean thinks.

The Korean thinks the video is really funny.

The end.

To elaborate: after the Korean called the "kimchee-scented Kleenex" bit from NPR racist, many wondered where is a line between racism and a funny, good-natured ribbing that involves ethnicity. Those people need not wonder no more: this video is the line. This is funny. Go over the line, and it is not funny anymore.

P.S. If you prefer avoiding racist shitheads, the Korean recommends not reading the comments on this Youtube video.

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  1. Maybe a bit of pandering. I'm also not totally in line with his platform; not sure I'd support the guy. He's not my district anyway, so I'll just quite whining.

    But gosh darn! That was really funny! I can't believe he had the guts to air that. I'm Jewish and I really enjoyed it. He could, in my opinion, push a little further on the Jewish side if he wanted; I wouldn't be offended.

    "You Jewish!" "What's a mensch?!"

    Not sure this guy is such a mensch if he goes around claiming it, but whatever, it's still a funny ad.

  2. damn that video is indeed funny. and it is also "funny" (I refer to the other definition of the word) that TK defends this by saying it is not "Out of line." Apparently it increasingly seems only select ethnicities can draw a black-and-white line of what is "racist" and what is "ethnic-related remark/criticism/ad."

    People who (rashly and mistakenly, in my humble opinion) labelled the kimchi comment as racist should likely find this video as racist too. If only people would stop rushing to label the alleged "offender" in the worst terms possible, we may be better able to contextualize such an emotionally explosive (and most of all subjective) concept like racism.

  3. thank you! as a fellow korean i find this ad completely.. funny =)

    while bordering on being politically incorrect, this ad is not ignorant.

    comments like kimchi-this or chingchong-that are comedically lazy, and reaching for the lowest common denominator insults my intelligence, like michael bay's transformer's 2.

    but this ad.. i have seen korean adults say "KOREAN!" in that exact delivery, awesome =)

  4. cornflakes, maybe it will stop being "funny" if you bothered to take account of the individual rather than making a wholesale judgment on a group. (Hey, that sounds like racism.)

  5. SNL -funny. I heard Dan did this video b/c he wanted to have the most viral video from a guy running for Congress.

    in any case, I don't think the Korean dry cleaners lady looks Korean though. If she isn't Korean in real life, then I would be offended and it wouldn't be funny.

  6. TK,

    not sure what you are talking about. I was referring to the selectiveness and arbitrariness of some people applying the label "racism", which ideally, should be used with care and with recognition of its harshness.

  7. This was funny and cute, haha.

  8. cornflakes,

    That was not the only thing you were referring to.


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