Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Fashion in Korea?

Dear Korean,

I am an English teacher (surprise) in Seosan, Korea and I would like to know more about Korean fashion. Are there blogs by other weiguks like me on Korean fashion?

Nina teacher

An obvious nominee would be Feet Man Seoul. But other than that, here is when the weakness of the Korean's knowledge about Korea comes into play: the Korean almost never reads anything meaningful about Korea in English. As a native Korean speaker, there is no point reading anything in English, when sources in Korean language are obviously superior. There are a number of fashion websites and blogs in Korean, but that is probably not what Nina Teacher is looking for.

Fashionista readers, got anything?

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  1. I would like to know the answer to a related question: which are the good Korean-language fashion blogs? (I like either street style or fashion industry/cultural critique blogs). I read 'Your Boyhood' already.

    I assume most fashion blogs will have plentiful pictures, and I can use automated translation to make guesses if I'm interested, so the language doesn't worry me so much...

  2. Try:


    There is also some stuff here:


    Also TUMBLR has thousands and gazillions of blogs dedicated to photos and pictures of Korean (and Japanese) fashion. Try typing 'Korean Fashion' into the Tumblr search box.

  3. If you're a male, then abercrombie, baseball cap with MBL mark on it. skinny jeans, tight tshirt with lots of drawing and writing on it...yadda yadda yadda.

    Oh, and white shoes. white shoes. (that's what my collegues say, I just don't get it.)

    but honestly I don't know either. I dress like a typical socal person. as the first post said, go look for korean fashion blogs/magazines, google translate.

  4. Eiffel in Seoul posts what celebrities are wearing: http://www.wyelinchiu.com/

    and Soshified posts what the members of Girls' Generation wore:

  5. my blog shows up in the top searches for how to dress like a korean fob:

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  7. yvanrodic.com has some cool fashion series of Seoul: http://yvanrodic.com/places/seoul

  8. bananamilk.net is about korean fashion and nightlife


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