Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tiger Cub extraordinarie, Sophia Rubenfeld-Chua, started a blog. A sample:
Q: Why did you decide to start this blog?
A: When the whole world’s calling you a mindless robot, you kind of get the urge to start talking! Even though "Sophia" in the book is much more impressive than Sophia in real life. I think I’m sullying my impeccable image one post at a time, but so be it.


Q: If your mother prevented you from going on play dates, sleep overs and participating in school dramas, shouldn't you have turned out to be socially incapable?
A: Thanks for asking – I’ve wanted to address this point since David Brooks published his op-Ed in the NYT. Let me indulge my not-so-inner nerd for a second: when you spend 7 hours at school a day, 180 days a year, for 13 years, you rack up 16,380 hours of social interaction. That’s the equivalent of over 3,200 five-hour playdates. So overall, I don’t feel too deprived.
Q&A: Shopping, Stuffed Animals and Playdate Math [new tiger in town]

Don't forget, Sophia. You are supposed to be "cold, heartless and selfish" too.

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