Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live Chat - 4/21/2011


  1. Unreal! I'm pretty ashamed to stalk your blog as much as I do, and somehow, I always seem to miss the live chat (well, all 2 that you've had so far)!

    I skimmed through the chat, and I just wanted to add two things:

    1. STJ is a legend. Nothing's going to change that. But he is one big jerk. You just don't go around hiding your wife's existence for 10+ years just to keep up your 신비주의 career image. (And of course, the marriage was kept a secret b/c of him... it definitely was not for LJA's sake!)

    2. Based on the chat, I get the impression that STJ will make number 1 on your top 50 list. It's your list, but I still think Jo Yong Pil is the greatest Kpop musician ever. Just saying'!

  2. Oh, and I don't know how/why I'm volunteering to be the 동방신기 빠 that you've predicted would rush to their defense, but Junsu from that group truly impresses me and I find it unfortunate that his talent is underestimated b/c of his idol image.

    Here's a clip of him singing Patty Kim's song in a show, and he totally won me over. Especially when he stood in stark contrast to Kim Jong Suh in the same show, who simply could not handle her songs at all. Not that I thought he was particularly known for his 가창력, but I was still shocked considering he's one of the biggest representative of rock music in Korea.


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