Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Whole Roasted Pig?

A bit unusual, but the Korean does tell people to ask...

Dear Korean,

I have just moved to Korea and am trying to find out if there is anywhere that serves a whole suckling pig. Kind of Chinese style unless Korea does this dish. Its something I've been wanting to try for a long time. I'm living in the Seoul area.


Korea does have pork dishes that utilize the parts that are generally unused in America, like the head or the trotters. But the Korean has never seen or heard any dish in Korea that uses a whole pig. Nor has he seen any restaurant in Korea that sold a whole roasted pig from any cuisine, although it has been a few years since the Korean last visited Korea.

Readers in Korea, any suggestion?

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  1. Are we talking about 통돼지바베큐? Just google it and there's plenty of info.

  2. Wandering around the Jongno area, between Cheonggyechon and Euljiro is your best bet. I've seen several places cooking pigs there, especially during the warm months.


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