Monday, March 14, 2011

The Korean puts in a lot of effort to show people that what they do unknowingly could betray their subtle racism, held unknown even to themselves. And then the Korean sees a video like this, and despairs -- why bother talking about subtle racism in the face of such obvious racism?


  1. LMAO. She does have a point. But, it's funny coming from some fat, bad dye jobbed, wanna-be model.

    You can put make up on a pig but it's still a pig.

  2. Fighting racism is kind of like fighting in WWI. The war effort is measured in inches and both sides are deeply entrenched.

  3. I think it was around the whole Tsunami comment when my blood really began to boil.

  4. Her video is so retarded I don't even know how to respond to it...really.....

  5. She obviously doesn't know anything about Asian culture. 'They don't teach their children manners' what the hell is that?

  6. Her execution may be offensive (to some), but the content of what she said is closer to the truth than some would like. Esp. the library part.

    It doesn't do us any good to reject the entirety of someone's message under the "You racist!" banner, just because a part of it is genuinely offensive (again, to some, not all).

  7. This woman takes the cake when it comes to airhead. She doesn't have a damn think upstairs.

    Translation of idiocy: "Ugh, I'm so white with my white privilege! Why doesn't everyone think like me?"

  8. cornflakes,

    It doesn't do us any good to reject the entirety of someone's message under the "You racist!" banner, just because a part of it is genuinely offensive.

    Under the fair assumptions that:

    (1) She could have made the same point without resort to what will surely be construed as racist expressions, and

    (2) Most people believe racist expressions are better off not made,

    it does those of us who dislike racist expressions plenty of good to reject her point, because now she (and others like her) will think harder about making the same point without using racist expression.

  9. "Why bother talking about subtle racism in the face of such obvious racism?"

    Because there are thousands of people to call individuals like this on their racism, but not nearly as many who address subtle, persistent, often subconscious bias.

  10. @Korean

    I certainly don't disagree with you, in fact, I think I said the same thing: her execution is faulty*, but at least a part of the Content of that video is based on truth. Ignoring the entirety of her video is not what I would do, but unfortunately, most people don't seem to look that far (again, not defending her).

    *part of a "good execution" is to not be honest like she was, and engage in self-censoreship. I mean, if you saw someone who was fat, you would not say "Hi, my name is AAK, btw, you are fat!" but you WOULD think it. Similarly, if you saw some foreigner fail to pick up good manners in the library, you would (understandably and justifiably) THINK it, albeit few would dare to SPEAK it, as that blonde chick did.

    So a part of "good execution" is not to invest so much in honesty...even if, in the back of our minds, we know better.

  11. Agreed that there was faulty execution, but honesty is not the problem. Honesty is not the same as unthinking. Honesty does not require one to say everything that comes through one's head without a sliver of reflection.

    If the girl felt strongly about people being loud in the library but said nothing about the topic at all, that is self-censorship that renders her dishonest to herself. But if the girl bothered to think just a little more and found a way to complain tactfully, that is not self-censorship and she remains honest to herself.

  12. I think what is tactful and what is self-censorship is far more subjective and context specific. Other than that, agreed.


    btw, for anyone interested, there are bikini photos of her on google images. Ya know, just sayin'

  13. Do the korean americans really behave like that?

  14. This guy wrote a really beautiful song in response to her.

    I mean it. It's beautiful.


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