Friday, February 25, 2011

Professor B.R. Myers, of The Cleanest Race fame, bets that Korea will be reunified in the next five years. It's a bold wager, but given the events around the world, it actually seems like a reasonable guess.

Five Questions for B.R. Myers [Busan Haps]


  1. A bold guess indeed, but I hope for the sake of both Koreas that he is right.

  2. KJU: hey dad those yankees are saying we'll be gone soon
    KJI: LOL fuck that shit yo
    China CCP: dont mind them. They eat BigMacs and watch Jersey Shore, the fucking fatties.
    KJI: which reminds me...give me $50mil. food aid. Or else.
    CCP: Do we get to shift our military to your East Sea port?
    KJI: LOL whatever. Give me food.
    CCP: of course... *cue evil laughter*


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