Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Like a Viiiiiirgin...

Dear Korean,

I've been dating a sexy 22 year old Korean for a little while now. Do young Korean men expect their wives to be virgins?


Well Melanie, if you have to ask, that ship must have sailed already right? ;)

Do young Korean men expect their wife to be a virgin? It obviously depends on the person, but the best possible answer is: probably not.

Sexual revolution is a present tense in Korea. Although Korea has been traditionally very conservative, its attitude toward sex between unmarried young couples is changing very, very fast. But that does not mean that the change is happening uniformly, at the same pace, for everyone.

Relevant survey bears out the point about the transitional nature of the sexual revolution. In a 2010 survey that asked about how people felt about a potential spouse's sexual history, the plurality (37.5%) said: "I don't care, but it does not feel good." "I don't care at all" was next at 20.8%, then "I would hate it if my spouse had sex with someone else before me" at 15.4%. Interestingly, "I don't want to know" made a strong showing at 10.1%.

The Korean could write more, but there is nothing more that he could write that is not already covered by the excellent series at The Grand Narrative, Sex and the University. If you are still curious, go take a look.

-EDIT 1/26/2011- Comment from Mr. James Turnbull, proprietor of The Grand Narrative:
Thanks very much for that shout-out TK. Probably a much better post for this specific question though, would be this one (especially the comments).
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  1. Thanks very much for that shout-out TK. Probably a much better post for this specific question though, would be this one (especially the comments):



  2. I gave up reading the linked article especially the second one). It is too lengthy for simple matters and what is the point?

    The premartial sex in Korea is now very common but it is not that everyday happenning. If a couple want to have sex, they need to arrange a love hotel at least.

    Because that event is intermittant, the use of condom is the best method. If premartial partners enjoy much more sex life, the use of pill will be more optional.

  3. pre marital sex is no long a taboo for the general (especially younger) korean generation now. With many koreans opting to study abroad, and even the impact of their sexual revolution sex is normal. Of course like many other nations, people have their preferences. But today a guy expecting his gf to be a virgin in their 20s is like getting hit by a subway train. It CAN happen, but probably wouldnt.


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