Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fitness legend Jack LaLanne passed away this week at 96 years old. NPR's in memoriam of LaLanne had this interesting quote from LaLanne:
You know, for me, you know, I usually hit the gym around five or six in the morning. To leave a hot bed, leave a hot woman, go into a cold gym takes a lot of discipline, boy, I'll tell you. But the wonderful thing - I hate it, I've never liked to exercise, but I like results.
Remembering Fitness Icon Jack LaLanne [NPR]

A nice example that successful Americans have some bit of Tiger Mom in them.


  1. Ok, we got it, the Korean loves Tiger Moms. Now will he relay everything remotely related to the subject or will he instead continue to deliver excellent posts as he used to?

  2. But what will the Korean do with all the Tiger Mom questions he got in the last few days? :)

  3. TK- You have fused two of my greatest passions with this post. Jack LaLanne's quote you posted reverberates greatly with me as I am a health fanatic and work out at the butt crack of dawn every day. My second passion? Identifying with my Korean culture that I have ignored the past several years (due to my career, college, teenage ignorance).

    I love how you connected Jack LaLanne's comment to the discipline of Tiger Mom's. Keep up the great work!

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  5. @Anonymous I think The Korean has the new car syndrome. The one that happens when you get a new car, you all of a sudden starts to see that same car model everywhere on the road.

  6. wow!!!!
    great post!!
    love your style!
    follow u now!!=D


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