Monday, December 13, 2010

One strategic mistake by North Korea when it shelled Yeonpyeong-do might be that the shelling pushed the otherwise indifferent younger South Koreans away into a hostile stance against North Korea. An interesting illustration:  although South Korea has mandatory draft, one has to actually volunteer for the marines. And the application rate for the marines jumped to 2.0 applications to 1 position this year, compared to 1.2 to 1 from last year, a 66 percent increase. The reconnaisance division, known to be the toughest assignment within Korean marine corps, has the application rate of 13.2 to 1 -- the highest number in Korean marine corps history.

北도발에 달라진 국민의식 [Dong-A Ilbo]


  1. A 66% increase on a small basis is not very impressive. How much did recruitment gain in the USA after 9/11?

  2. Not to mention public opinion. A significant proportion did not believe N.Korea sank the Cheonan, and many were favourable to North, wanting to continue the Sunshine Policy and further ties. Now the absolute majority want military retaliation.


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