Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gov. Rendell of Pennsylvania is a tough guy:
The city of Philadelphia is set to host the NFL's first Tuesday night game in 64 years, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) couldn't be more upset about it.

"It goes against everything that football is all about," Rendell said Monday on a Philadelphia-area sports talk radio show.

Rendell was rankled by the league's decision to move the Philadelphia Eagles' home game against the Minnesota Vikings from Sunday night to Tuesday evening.

The NFL cited the winter storm that wound up slamming most of the East Coast as the reason for the change, but elected to postpone the game before any snow had even accumulated. About a foot of snow fell on Philadelphia, though less than 5 inches was on the ground before the scheduled kickoff at 8:20 p.m. EST Sunday night.

Rendell viewed the NFL's decision as a referendum on the toughness, or lack thereof, in the United States.

"My biggest beef is that this is part of what's happened in this country," Rendell said. "I think we've become wussies."

"We've become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything," Rendell added. "If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down."
Penn. Governor Ed Rendell sounds off [ESPN.com]


  1. Calculus? WTF?
    The Chinese would have built a shortcut. And on their way down, they would've tried to figure out how to make money off the shortcut.

  2. I never heard the last part before. Only the "nation of wussies." Oh dear, glad to know he's been the governor of my state for the last seven years...

  3. He's not wrong. We are spoiled.

  4. He's the government official, the Chinese are kicking HIS ass. Work on financial regulation instead of stirring up xenophobia, dickhead.

  5. I don't think he's stirring the xenophobia pot. He's just calling it like it is. Americans have become self-entitled and afraid to take real risks. (Betting other people's money on Wall Street isn't really a risk if you're pretty sure the government will clean up any messes you make.) Countries like China are pulling ahead. The governor is challenging the American people, regardless of race or national origin to rise to the same level.

    Perhaps six years in Korea has destroyed the once lingering belief I held in American exceptionalism. The United States is still a great country but no longer entitled to the accolades it heaps upon itself. Such praise must be earned and must come from the outside.

    Pardon me while I go bush up on my calculus.


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