Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ask a Korean! News: Never Mess with an Ajumma with a Gun

This is cool and terrifying at the same time:  in the Asian Games being held in Guangzhou, China, South Korean sharpshooter Kim Yoon-Mi won two gold medals in individual and team air pistol... while being seven months pregnant.

Kim Yoon-Mi, the pregnant sharpshooter

Cool part? That she won two gold medals while being seven months pregnant. Terrifying part? That she was holding a gun every day through her raging pregnancy hormones -- and if you ever cross her, she will not miss.

"미안하고 고맙다, 아가야" 만삭의 金명중 [Hankook Ilbo]

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i've never even touched a gun before

  3. Not every pregnant woman is a bag of raging hormones. Some are completely off their rockers, and some are so much like their non-pregnant selves you'd never be able to pick out they were pregnant save their growing mid-section. Most fall somewhere in the middle: functional with bad days, like everyone else.

    That comment was rather presumptive, no?

  4. It's the hormones when they're not pregnant that you have to watch out for.

    But seriously, I wonder if the baby was kicking, and if her aim was affected.

  5. Good for her! Brave woman! I'm only concerned because they say woman's life during pregnancy affects the child later. Nevertheless, he/she will be a very determined child!

  6. Awesome! Although...does she qualify as ajumma if she hasn't had a kid yet? I suppose she could already have had another...

    1. You could always look up what ajumma means and that might clear it up.


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