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Ask a Korean! Wiki: Free Korean Language Classes?

Dear Korean,

I’ve been living in Korea for about a month now. I’m a teacher in a public school in Seoul. I’ve heard of some teachers that have been able to take free Korean classes. I am really interested in learning Korean while I am here. I feel it would make my experience here that much better. Do you know of any classes that are offered to teachers living in Seoul?

Sara C.

The Korean never had to take any classes to learn Korean, so he is not a good person to ask. But Chris B. from Chris in South Korea came to rescue:
Good question - while I haven't had the time to take advantage of them, a few websites from this link may be of help:  http://www.korea4expats.com/article-learning-korean.html

Also of note: the Seoul Global Center offers free Korean classes, though the next ones don't start until February. Some details:
- Chris Ahn : 02-2075-4140
- email : hyunseonahn747@hotmail.com
- Location : Seoul Global Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Seoul Press Center
Seoul, Jung-gu, 25 Taepyeongno 1-ga
(Subway lines 1 and 2, City Hall Station, exit 4, subway line 5, Gwanghwamun station, exit 5

For more info, go to global.seoul.co.kr; point to Programs and click on Korean Classes.
Thanks Chris! Readers, do you know any others?

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  1. Also try the Korea Foundation classes, I've heard good things about them:


  2. My husband has taken classes before at the Migrant Workers Welfare Center in our old neighborhood in Mok-dong.

    Here is a central link for Migrant Workers Welfare Centers in Korea: http://www.migrantok.org/english/portal.php

    My husband and I are both from America, but when we asked about taking classes, they were happy to sign us up. I wish I could have taken classes there, but my work schedule was not permitting.

    There is also a Global Center specifically in Itaewon: http://global.seoul.go.kr/itaewon/

    If anyone knows of free Korean classes happening in or around Gimpo, Gyeonggi, I'd love to hear about it. ^_^

  3. There are a bunch more links to available classes here:


    If you are near Gangnam, Yeoksam Global Center just started a semester of classes (free) and you might be able to join one:


  4. Come to our class in Sookmyung Women's university area (not at the university) 1,000 won donation and meets every saturday at 4:00 pm. http://kongbubang.wordpress.com/

  5. I've taken the Korea Foundation Classes, the ones at the Global Center, and ones at the Yeonnam Global Village Center (Hongdae).

    The ones in Hongdae rank the highest in my opinion. All the classes are free but the Hongdae ones meet twice a week and use the Sogang University series, which gets rave reviews pretty much everywhere. The only thing that would have made them better is meeting 3 times a week... but then it would be a hagwon... and you have to pay for that.

    The actual Global Center (mentioned in the post) has a much more diverse crowd (whereas my Yeonnam classes were nearly all Chinese speakers) BUT the textbook sucked. (It was pretty old with hand drawn illustrations that were done with colored pencils. The whole thing looked like it was made on an 80's typewriter and photocopied onto glossy paper. But I digress...) My biggest beef with the book is that it started too formal: -입니다 instead of giving low level students practical stuff to use with the people you typically talk to everyday.

    The Korea Foundation didn't work for me. They offer one class a week, and four weeks constitutes a level. The idea is cute but there's no way your average person is gonna absorb the amount of vocab they throw at you in 8 hours a month unless you're doing all kinds of crazy intensive study outside of class... in which case you don't really need the class, right?

  6. Not so much "classes" in the traditional sense, this site has good podcasts with free pdf and mp3 downloads to match; I've been using it for a little while and have found them pretty helpful =]

    I also realize this thread is kind of old, but I figured it would be worthwhile to make this resource known for any future visitors...


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