Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: How to Become a Makeup Artist?

Here is a question that totally stumped the Korean:

Dear Korean,

I'm a working make up artist here in the states and more recently in the last 3-4 years I've noticed that the craze for the more natural/translucent "Korean look" is high in demand, especially for bridal parties. I'm interested in going to Korea to get some proper training and was wondering if there are such facilities available to foreigners? Any information would be greatly appreciated, I would love to go study aboard and work in Korea for some time to master my craft!

Linda T.,

San Francisco, CA

Linda, you are speaking to a man who could not understand why his wife had to pay for the wedding makeup when she apparently knows how to apply makeup. He has no idea. The Korean did see some Korean-American blogs focused on makeup, but does not know any more than that.

Readers, any suggestion?

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  1. Not much help, but here's a Korean makeup artist's Youtube channel I like a lot; she does a lot of celebrity looks.

  2. What do you mean by the "korean look." I mean at least in S. Korea, all the young people especially women had some work done especially the eye lids thing, so its anything BUT natural korean image! Perhaps you were referring to the Look in North Korea. They don't have the luxury so all they can go is " all natural?"

    Also coming from California, all the people in Korea are extremely pale in comparison. That's the look that is desirable especially amongst women (pearl white look).

  3. Linda T,

    My Sister-in-law actually was a make-up artist in Seoul and worked for the largest Korean cosmetic company and she was a Make-up artist Trainer. She now lives in the Bay Area. You are welcome to contact her. Check out her website

    She is in the Bay Area and can provide training. Just tell her brother-in-law recommended you and she will help you out!

    Michael S.

  4. I know there are cosmetology schools that generally are of a high standard and you generally go into an extended apprenticeship. My mom went back to Korea to study and honestly she had a hard time and Korean is her first languages, but she's just been displaced for so long. Good luck in the search for one that caters to non-Korean speakers.

  5. Im Nandi im interest to study make up i want to be a makeup artist i left my South Africa to feel my dreams here in South Korea i know Koreans are the best in Makeup i hope i will enjoy an im still looking for makeup artist school im base in Seoul if anyone can help me please reply.


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