Friday, October 01, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Any Good Place for a Party?

Dear Korean,

I've been living in Korea for 4 months, have been to some great/not so great restaurants, and now the time is approaching for my birthday festivities. I'm trying to find a restaurant thats open past 10pm near Hongdae or surrounding areas. I work late and am always starving after, but usually end up just grabbing street food on the way out to the bars. I'd like to go somewhere friendly with good seating. Korean, Thai, Italian, doesn't matter. I'm staying open minded. I eat Korean all the time, so something different might be nice. Do you have any suggestions?


Have at it, Korea-based readers. In fact, do not limit to any one neighborhood -- let's hear them all. What are the places you like for parties?

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  1. You should go to a samgyupsal (pork belly) buffet in Sinchon. They're cheap at around 5-7,000 won per person. You grill samgyupsal, kalbi, bulgogi, squid, ddeok, at your table and they serve beer and soju. There is a whole street of them near Yonsei. If you go from exit 2 of the Sinchon subway station it's on your left if you turn left at the Starbucks... if my memory serves me right but it's near there.

  2. Dakgalbi? There's a few places around hongdae.

  3. I actually wrote about this for the Groove magazine not too long ago - I didn't recommend too many specific places, but there's quite a few other areas easily accessible via subway that offer ample partying and feasting.

    Only have time for one? Konkuk University. By far, the most college students outside of Hongdae, plenty of eats, drinks, and noraebang around. Not a lot of places to dance, but there's a club or two around.

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  5. Outback is in Seoul now. And you know it! They are gooood! There are many exotic foreign restaurants in Seoul(i don't know about Hongdae area) and most people are missing out. Eat out at Outback, tell them it's your birthday. Go out for drinks after, karaoke afterward. More drinking and eating. Clubbing at Itaewon is always nice. You get to meet some of the coolest people there

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