Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fear the ajumma. Every part of this story is awesome. (Via Marmot's Hole.)


  1. I like how they quoted her exactly as she sounds. :D Broken English and all.

    And yeah, I fear ajumma's all the time. They are powerful. D:

  2. It would have been much less awesome if the robbers had called her bluff.

  3. When people here in Korea start complaining about ajummas, I tell them I want to be one. This story is why.

  4. My mom would have shot them dead - for not bringing in their ticket!

  5. Wanda,

    It appears that the ajumma felt like she didn't have a choice. Listen to the gunman and die. Stay at the front of the store and at least have a fighting chance.


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