Friday, June 04, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki -- Korean Language Tutors?

Dear Korean,

The American English Professor Husband to Korean Woman and Father of a Very Cute Half Breed Kid with a Half English Half Korean Name (hereinafter referred to simply as "AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN") just read The Korean's blog post about learning languages. AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN agrees with the Korean, and gives Kudos to the hard-assed realism. People ask how AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN learned to speak good Arabic in just a year, and the only answer is pure hard work. (And AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN is a big fan of Pinker's book too.)

AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN has a question about language tutors. Can the Korean recommend any good tutors or language programs here in Seoul? Does the Korean himself tutor? AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN only has a few "free weeks" this summer, so Yonsei's lauded KSL program doesn't work for him. AEPHKWFVCHBKHEHKN asks forgiveness if this information is already on the Korean's blog.

With obsequious thanks to His Munificence, the Korean,


The Korean is glad you enjoyed the post. But he never had to learn Korean in Korea via tutoring, so he does not know at this time -- but he is sure some of AAK! readers will be able to help you. Readers, any ideas?

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  1. There are several 학원 catering to foreigners wanting to learn Korean and they offer programmes by the week or month. A quick google search by the afore-mentioned wife should turn up something.

  2. "Half breed"? Even as a joke?

  3. "Half breed"? Even as a joke?

    Yup. Heck, I've even used "mischling" before.

  4. I should probably point out at this juncture that I am one. Don't know enough about one of the halves to figure out if I'm first- or second-degree, though.

  5. I got Korean tutoring at Seoul Language Academy in Gangnam (Seoul). I highly recommend it. They also have classes. You can sign up for short periods of time.

  6. I am mad you called your child Half breed...seriously?

  7. I'm Korean/White and I like "half-breed", never heard that one before. My previous favorite was "hybrid". The Chinese have a few like "banana" and "twinkie" to describe Americanized Asians, yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

    Back to topic... there is a free Korean class I've heard of. They only meet on Saturdays though:

  8. My hagwon is great: Metro Korean Academy

  9. Anyone know a similar school in Daejeon? I need to polish the eight phrases I know.

  10. The Seoul Global Centers offer free classes twice a week using the Sogang books. (

    Depending on your level, you may be able to squeeze in two days a week with them and 2/3 days at a hagwon...

    Also, Hyunwoo Sun ( just recommended this guy:

    Knock yourself out. ;)

  11. Thanks for the recommendations re language schools and tutors. Very helpful.


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