Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Where Are You Watching the World Cup?

Dear Korean,

I have a madcap idea of watching all the games of the 2010 World Cup in a bar / restaurant / club of one of the countries playing. Would be great to support a different team each game with local supports. Could you recommend anywhere I could watch the Korea v. Greece game in London? Ideally central.


Dear James,

The Korean does not know, but he is certain that AAK!'s UK-based readers do. In fact, let's open up the post to all locations outside of Korea. Fans of Korean football, where are you watching the World Cup?

The Korean personally will be watching the games in Hawaii, where he will be on a honeymoon during the games. (He will take recommendations for either Honolulu or Kona.) For New York, Maru/Yellowstone club in Manhattan Koreatown (32nd St. between 5th and 6th Ave.) has a nice big space with a projector. (But show up early, as it also tends to be very crowded.)

Group B's television schedule is available here.

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  1. You can watch it anywhere you want UK pubs all have sky sports and most of the digital channels. The Brickhouse in Brick lane is a sure bet though it is expensive and in a not so good part of town.

    Maybe you want to go to New Malvern, Korea town in Surrey it's a short train ride away from London.

  2. In Korea, the time difference is such that earlier games will start at night time, and later games will start way past my bed time. As such, I'll probably be watching every game either at my own apartment, or in one of the several bars in Gangnam.

    I'll be sure to watch USA vs England in the Manchester United F&B Bar...

    On another note, I'm slightly disappointed that this year's Reds shirt isn't a grassroots phenominon like in 2002. It's a trademark of KT from the looks of it...

  3. Anyone watching the World Cup in Davis, CA?

  4. Whoa! You will be in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and on your honeymoon no less, and you plan on watching overpaid men (really? kicking a ball around qualifies for millions of dollars) running around in shorts.

    To each their own I guess, but I doubt that I'd even own a TV if I lived in Hawaii, much less watch one if only on a quick visit.

  5. John, you are such a party pooper! In fact, players at World Cup suspend their multimillion dollar careers and risk injuries because of (among other things) their sense of patriotism.

  6. It's New Malden, not New Malvern. I guess Philip at London Korean Links ( provide information about where to watch the World Cup or if you shoot him an email, he'll find out.

  7. It seems that when the world cup was last held in Korea, there was a lot of excitement to watch the games in London. I remember the one i went to where several buses of koreans presumably from new malden and elsewhere converged on the Sports Cafe in Haymarket to watch Korea Spain. I still remember all the fans spilling out of there and celebrating around trafalger with flags - lots of fun

  8. of course in typical korean fashion, i also watched as the bemused staff was requiring every korean (these were koreans from korea - as opposed to korean american or korean english) to open their bags and lo and behold there was a massive stack of containers of kimchee, kim-bap, and other stuff being confiscated by the door. ha, ha - the sports bar / restaurant staff was wondering what the heck was going on - very typical very funny

  9. "their sense of patriotism" That, I seriously doubt. More like showcasing themselves in front of a giant scouting combine on a mostly worldwide scale to make even more millions if things work out in their favor, or else, they can always claim that they didn't have time to gel with the junior varsity if things go south during their team's run.

    Now, missing out of one second of the paradise that is Hawaii is what I consider to be a party pooper. I'm not religious, but going there makes me think that there might have been an actual "garden of eden." Hell, with continental drift, you could actually make a case that Hawaii could be the "garden of eden," if only it wasn't for the islands being volcanic in nature and pretty much youngsters here on Planet Earth in comparison to the actual continents themselves.

  10. You could watch it at the Fountain Pub in New Malden! (most Korean people call it the "Korea Town")

  11. You should watch in in Spanish! (seriously way are English ones so boring??)


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