Wednesday, March 28, 2007

U-Mun Hyeon-Dab

Hi Korean,

I heard that there is make-up for men in Korea. Is this true? I wouldnt be surprised, since many Korean male actors wears some sort of make-up and Korean men really do care about their appearances. Many the Koreans guys I've known are very effiminate. They like to take pictures of themselves and they say to others that they are handsome.


Dear Alice,

There is no reason for you to recognize the title. The Korean will not explain it - it's going to be an inside joke for those who understand. If the readers are curious, please email the Korean and ask what that means.

To answer your question, sure, there are cosmetics for men in Korea. (Here is an example.) There are cosmetics for men in America too. (Here is another example.) In fact, the Korean would seriously doubt that there is any country in the world that does not have cosmetics for men. Every country (that is rich enough so that its male citizens can afford to care about his looks) would at least have moisturizing lotion and aftershave.

That said, the concept of masculinity is different in different cultures. For example, the Mexican has explained how Mexican men's show of manliness is to play grab-ass with other men, since that shows that they have conquered all women around them and moved onto men.

So Korean men may take pictures of themselves and comment on each other's look, but such actions are only effeminate in American standards. On the flip side, certain actions by American men would be considered highly effeminate for Koreans - like not beating their wives.

(I keed, I keed.)

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