Sunday, February 25, 2007

Looking for Korean Men?

If you had noticed, there is a little tag on the bottom of the tool bar on the right, called "sitemeter". Sitemeter is this neat thing where the Korean may track how many visitors Ask A Korean! has had, and so on.

One of the features of Sitemeter is that the Korean can see what terms people searched on Google or Yahoo to get to this blog. Overwhelming majority of the search terms, obviously, is "ask a korean" or "ask a korean blog". A search term that keeps on showing up, albeit in small numbers, is "korean fucking". If you were looking for Korean porn and ended up here, the Korean apologizes for disappointing you. But shame on you for employing such a primitive method to search for Korean porn, which is so prevalent all over the Internet it's impossible to miss.

(It is slightly disturbing that there are people specifically looking for Korean porn, as opposed to Asian porn. Let's move on.)

But somehow the next most common search term for people who got here is "Korean men". The Korean doesn't really understand why or how, since when the Korean googled "Korean men," this blog did not show up in the first 10 pages of results. These must be some really persistent people. It is also interesting that a lot of these searchers are from Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, etc. (Sitemeter also tells the Korean where a visitor is logging in from.)

Well, if you have any questions about Korean men, this is the place to be. The Korean doesn't care how bad your English is -- just ask the Korean! Click on the link on top right, and let's hear from you, Korean-men-seekers.


  1. your profile is weak...

  2. Hi...don't know if you handle dating questions or if you're even maintaining this blog, but I'm bored so thought I'd give it a try, lol!

    I'm a mixed race (predominantly African-American, but very "hispanic-looking") female. I happen to think Asian men are the finest creatures to walk the planet, so I joined an online dating/social networking site in the hopes of meeting some. I receive a lot of attention from the Chinese men on there, but very little interest from any Korean men, with the exception of one guy who just wants to cyber but isn't interested in really getting to know me (and I'm told on a fairly regular basis that I'm beautiful, online and offline...I'm not conceited, though, just stating what's been told to me). Are Chinese or other Asian men more open-minded when it comes to dating/marriage outside their race than Korean men? Would I receive more positive responses from the Korean men if I were white and not mixed-race? Thanks!

  3. hahahaha i wasn't looking for porn Korean or otherwise.... i happen to think that Korean men are very handsome and charismatic, gentle and sweet.

  4. I also was NOT looking for porn, Korean or otherwise. I was researching Korean mafia/Yakuza and happened to notice the side-note and was curious. I'm an ELT and planning to teach in Korea soon, and not just because I have a penchant for Asian men. I think that Korea may possibly have claim the most beautiful men of any ethnicity on the planet. If I am a petite redhead, very fair, no freckles, and, uh, 'curvy on top' what are my chances of finding a companion while I'm there? I'm not interested in 'fleeting encounters' but I would appreciate some consistent companionship.


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