Monday, January 08, 2007

Rapid Fire of Bad Manners

Hey Korean,

4. Is it true that a Korean man's ga gee is smaller than other races?

6. How come Koreans have table manners of a rabid badger? i.e. my uncle lifted a butt cheek and let one rip at the dinner table and everyone continued to slurp away (in Korea not US).

8. What can a Korean man do to prevent the loss of life burping after a good Korean meal? Mints don't help.


Dear R,

4. "ga gee" means an eggplant. It is true that eggplants grown in Korea are smaller than American ones. As to what you were trying to say --ja ji ("penis")--speak for your ssibal self. The Korean would show his to prove otherwise, but there is a court order against such an act.

6. First, the meal was within a family, and there is a certain leeway. Nonetheless, that might have been just your family....

8. .....and you just proved the Korean's theory. Why the hell would you burp? Gargling with [INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE] tends to help.

The Korean really needs some product placement credit - that could have been a free bottle of Listerine or something. Oh, and sending in 12 questions does NOT help. The Korean appreciates it, but one at a time people.

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  1. I know I'm totally late on this post
    do these people even read what they type before they press send? It's funny but geeze.

    Also lmaoo @ 씨발 self. ㅋㅋ


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