Saturday, January 20, 2007

On Diddling Foreign Beings

Dear Korean,

I am a gringa who recently visited Korea with a teaching group and spent time with some Korean college students. Of course, all of our cracker boys had huge crushes on the small, dainty, ultra-feminine Korean women. I never expected the reverse to be true. Compared to the cute little Korean girls, us Americans felt like huge amazon women. But, one of the Korean guys told me that they all lusted after western girls. Since returning to the US, I have heard from other Korean men that western girls are too big and hairy for them. Was the first Korean telling the truth or was he just trying to take advantage of a stereotypically loose American?


Dear Gringa,

All the Koreans you spoke to told 100 percent truth. You made a classic mistake in dealing with immigrant minorities -- thinking that those in America are the same with those in the motherland. Korean Americans are a very different species from Koreans in Korea, and the same principle applies to every minority in the U.S. who immigrated from somewhere else.

Korean American men, after all, live in America. They have seen, dated, and (hopefully) had sex with all different kinds of women. Majority of Korean American men, in the Korean's experience, do prefer Korean or Asian women. The Korean thinks it's really more about familiarity; the first people that all of us ever see are our parents, so we are more used to people who look like us. (Disclaimer: The Korean is an equal opportunity dater, although the Korean Girlfriend is, in fact, Korean.) But certainly, plenty of Korean men say they don't like white women because they are too big and hairy.

Koreans men in Korea are a different story, and the lesson here is this: men are the same everywhere. When you visit any American porn site (No link. Find your own.) there is always a separate category for "Asians". Well, guess what? If you visit any Asian porn stie, they always have a tab that says "white". In fact, the Korean is convinced that if we met an extraterrestrial being tomorrow, there will be alien porn on the Internet the day after. Men are fascinated by the idea of dipping their pen into all kinds of different inks, and this runs true across time and space. As much as there is yellow fever in America, there is white fever in Asia.

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  1. Wow, I wish I found this thread back in 1996! Just to share my personal experience in this department: In 1996 I fell madly in love with a Korean guy at my school. He was the TA for one of my classes. (I'm caucasian). He was born in Korea and moved to America probably in his early 20s. Anyway the bottom line was that he would not date me because I am not Korean. Sad day for me indeed when I found that out. I am now married to someone else and had forgotten all about my Korean guy until a couple of weeks ago. For some reason he's been on my mind again. I googled his name and saw his recent pic. Eh, he's not as cute as he was 13 years ago but hey, I'm probably not either. I was so in love with his style...humility, poise, politeness, shyness, respectfulness, DAMN...drove me crazy!! I'm not your typical white girl, lol! In case he's reading this...S (won't use full name) broke my heart back then!


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