Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ask A Korean! News: Met Opera Attendees to be Suffocated by a Pair of Garlic Breaths

To the delight of classical music-loving Koreans everywhere, (the Korean included, having no choice as the Korean Girlfriend is a classical musician,) the Metropolitan Opera in New York will feature two Korean headliners in this year's production of La Traviata. Hei-Kyung Hong will play Violetta, the main heroine, while Wookyung Kim will play Alfredo, her suiter. (Photo picked up from Dong-A Ilbo.) The Korean finds it hilarious that Hong and Kim, playing lovers, are 47 and 29 years old, respectively. Not since Anna Nicole Smith and her late oil tycoon husband did a relationship so twisted and gross exist. This will be Met Opera debut for Kim. According to Dong-A Ilbo article, this will be the first time Asians take both male and female leading roles on the same stage in the Met's 127 year history.

As the Korean sees it, this is one of the examples of Koreans out-white-ing white people in an effort to emulate them. (Here is an earlier post about this topic.) At any venerable conservatory in the U.S., (and perhaps in the world,) Koreans are bursting out of seams singing, dancing, or playing some sort of instrument. As Margaret Cho remarked, she was the first Korean who stood on the stage of Carnegie Hall without a violin. But that by no means takes anything away from Hong and Kim's accomplishments as artists, and kudos from the Korean goes to them. If you are in New York and interested in opera sort of thing, please go watch since La Traviata is a classic. Since the Korean already saw La Traviata, he is more excited about the First Emperor, with Placido Domingo as Emperor Qin.

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