Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ask A Korean! News: Koreans, the Most Evolved Humans

The Korean has long been aware of his people's prowess in the gaming world, and its effects in preventing our handsome men getting laid. But, as it turns out, those brilliant Korean virgins were not taking themselves out of the gene pool; rather, they have been investing their time evolving themselves so that they make a lasting contribution to the said gene pool.

Too much old kimchi? Hear me out. National Geographic (as reported by Dong-A Ilbo) aired a documentary called World Cyber Games, in which they observed a pro gamer compared to a civilian. In playing a game, a civilian operated the keyboard/mouse roughly 100 times a minute. Mr. Seo Jihoon, the pro gamer, operated them around 370 times a minute.

(An aside: pro gamers in Korea earn as much as 200 million won, or $200,000 a year. You just feel richer being a Korean.)

Even better is the comparison of CT scan of the two people's brains. Look at the picture above first. The civilian only relies on the frontal lobe of his brain, whereas Mr. Seo uses his frontal lobe as well as his temporal lobe. Frontal lobe controls your vision; temporal lobe controls muscle memory and intuitions. In other words, Mr. Seo goes beyond his vision to play his games - he uses a whole other part of his brain! Amazing.

So next time when your Korean friend kicks your ass in Starcraft, don't be mad - you're just evolutionarily inferior. It's the natural way.


  1. i can't believe nobody's responded to such a provocative entry. natural way, you say? sitting in a pc bang for hours on end? if it's an unavoidable trend in korea, i don't like it.

  2. i can't believe nobody's responded ...

    paolo, that's because everyone else recognizes a joke.

  3. Starcraft Starcraft Starcraft

    guy 1: I can pwn any other white person ,but if I play against a korean I never win..

    guy 2: Do you know what happens when a Korean plays against another Korean?

    guy 1: The world explodes?

    guy 2: No, it's aired on national television.


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